USWNT – USA-France SoccerMeter Stats

As always, take these with a grain of salt, since I do miss some action through replays.

USA 1st Half France
0 Goals 0
7 Shots 9
17:02 Time of Possession 20:56
45% Time of Possession % 55%
302 First Touches 383
187 Passes 268
62% Pass Completion % 70%
27 Number of Pass Strings 36
4.9 Average Pass String Length 6.1
15 Longest Pass String 14


USA 2nd Half France
0 Goals 2
10 Shots 4
16:35 Time of Possession 17:51
48% Time of Possession % 52%
310 First Touches 305
200 Passes 195
65% Pass Completion % 64%
33 Number of Pass Strings 26
4.6 Average Pass String Length 5.3
9 Longest Pass String 17


USA Game Total France
0 Goals 2
17 Shots 13
33:37 Time of Possession 38:47
46% Time of Possession % 54%
612 First Touches 688
387 Passes 463
63% Pass Completion % 67%
60 Number of Pass Strings 62
4.8 Average Pass String Length 5.8
15 Longest Pass String 17
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3 thoughts on “USWNT – USA-France SoccerMeter Stats

  1. FDChief

    The low passing completion rate seems about right for the USWNT – I remember thinking at the time that the giveaways were ridiculous – but high for France until I think back at what I suspect was the overall effect of the turf. The ball looked like it was difficult to control and most players on both sides seemed to have trouble with that.

    That said, the US really did look as poor as their stats suggest. USSF had better hope that this was just a bad day at the office or this WWC will be a shitshow of epic proportions for the Nats…

  2. Terry Lash

    If the game against France was a one-off, then I would not be so concerned. But the performances of the national team since Jill Ellis took over as head coach have not been encouraging. Even worse than the performances against quality teams such as Brazil been poor, there does not seem to be any improvement since the spring when Ellis was appointed as head coach. It’s hard not to conclude that she is in way over her head and unlikely to right the ship. Although painful, US Soccer would increase the chances of success in the WWC by immediately replacing Ellis. A new coach should not only try to get the national team onto a path for success, which at this point will be very hard, but also to develop a program to return the US to the top ranking before WWC 2019.


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