Ep. 6 of AWK’s Always Untitled Podcast – A Tale of Two Halves

We’re baaaaack! After a one week hiatus AWK’s Always Untitled Podcast returns! We struggle to stay awake through the first half of Atlanta-WNY and get pretty excited about the second. Plus, a magicJack sighting and some love for Lori Chalupny (and Carli Lloyd).

5 thoughts on “Ep. 6 of AWK’s Always Untitled Podcast – A Tale of Two Halves

  1. cambridge_footie

    Lori Chalupny would be my pick for CL Woman of the week too, even if she apparently couldn’t deal with Riley. My only gripe about her is that she is becoming more and more Wambach-like in terms of the amount of time she spends on the turf. She is similarly slow to get up. If I want to see that I’ll watch the men’s Italian league.

    Jill Loydon could be a contender for Woman of Week too… if that whole match didn’t have an air of Snuffalupagus about it.

    1. Jenna Pel Post author

      Haha. I fear Jill Loyden isn’t getting the credit she deserves this week. Ditto for Alyssa Naeher, who apparently single-handedly kept the score line at 1-0. Very eager to see who wins WPS Player of the Week. It’s a toss-up between Chalupny and Lipsher, and a strong case can be made for each.


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