Friday Morning Notables

  • A mammoth trade occurred early this morning. The Atlanta Beat has parted with Tobin Heath, Eniola Aluko and Angie Kerr in exchange for Sky Blue FC’s 4th and 8th draft picks and future considerations. Perhaps considerations were made with Aluko and the Women’s World Cup but trading away 2010 #1 Draft pick Heath and Kerr – certainly two USWNT fringe players – is peculiar. Not receiving a Sky Blue FC player or two in exchange for such value is also peculiar. You have to imagine – and hope – Atlanta is planning something big with all of this newly-freed cap space.


  •  Jim Gabarra and SBFC continue to make some deft moves this offseason, having picked up Allie Long, Carolyn Blank and Anita Asante and agreeing to terms with Laura Kalmari, Jen Branam, Shannon Meyers and Angela Salem. Apparently there are more moves to come. Looks like SBFC is getting its Christmas shopping done early this year.


  • Not to be forgotten, the Western New York Flash has officially come to terms with Christine Sinclair, Ali Riley, Kandace Wilson and Brittany Bock. The team has also acquired McCall Zerboni from the Atlanta Beat. People of Rochester, you’re about to have one hell of a women’s soccer team in your backyard. Please take advantage of it.


  • Whitney Engen and Kelsey Davis have been declared free agents and the Chicago Red Stars have mutually terminated its contract with Karen Carney. Meanwhile, the team has just five days to secure investment before they go the way of the L.A. Sol, Saint Louis Athletica and FC Gold Pride. Fingers crossed.


  • If worst comes to worst and Chicago does indeed fold, it will make WPS an unofficial East Coast league with just six teams in the picture. It will also put even more of a premium on roster spots and several mid-grade players will undoubtedly be forced out of WPS, and perhaps women’s soccer.


  • Canada will reportedly be competing against the likes of Chile, New Zealand, Turkey and Scotland for the right to host the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Edmonton has committed $25,000 in hopes of becoming one of the six host cities. Official submissions are due in by February and the winning nation will be selected in March.


  • The first day of the Torneio Internacional Cidade de Sao Paulo occurred yesterday. Canada thumped the Netherlands 5-0. Christine Sinclair and Diana Mathson each had a brace and Josee Belanger also scored. In the other match, Brazil defeated Mexico 3-0 but the score line is deceptive. The game was chippy and evenly-matched. The first goal was scored by Cristiane thanks to a sweet cross from Grazille. Marta scored the other two goals from the penalty spot. Cristiane reportedly dislocated her shoulder in the game and Marta and Maurine also picked up a knock.(Thanks, Marshall)


  • There are various links to watch the tournament. This is one of them. (Thanks, Izabel) Also check out the official site.


  • Sonia Bompastor says she is unlikely to extend her contract with Lyon past June of 2012 and could retire after that to start a family. She also says Canada is on the same level of France and reveals how France will train in preparation for the World Cup. (Thanks, Phoenix)


  • Marta’s loan spell to Santos has been made official. It will expire after Februrary 6th and her sponsors will reportedly pick up the tab. (Thanks, Marshall)


  • Mia Hamm briefly discusses the Women’s World Cup field here.


  • Finally, The New York Times has an interesting article about how women’s sports – notably soccer – has developed in a post-Taliban Afghanistan. (Thanks, Natalie)


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7 thoughts on “Friday Morning Notables

  1. Angie

    A bit of a history lesson:

    Prior to WUSA’s 3rd season a blockbuster of a deal went down that had everyone flummoxed. Essentially New York gave away their #1 draft pick in Aly Wagner in exchange for a mediocre Shannon Boxx. (Yes, there were more players involved but this was the biggest part.) But the point is, I thought NY was high as a kite and was dooming themselves to another season at the bottom of the table. Boxx’s performance w/ the power in 2003 was so impressive she was named to the WWC roster without earning a single cap.

    Lesson is, Beat fans, don’t be surprised if you’re really good next year.

    1. Jenna Pel Post author

      Angie, I think the major difference here is that the exchange wasn’t made for player(s), it was made for draft picks. ATL is banking on having the #4 and #8 picks come good, come real good next season. (They probably could have Press at #2 but traded the pick away along with Allison Whitworth last season but that’s a different story).
      I believe them when they say they did this because of financial reasons. I suspect they’re clearing cap space in order to usher in a big signing or two. The question is who. The free agency market isn’t exactly saturated with 10+ goal/year strikers.

  2. e

    What is going on with the Freedom? Any signings on the horizon? They seem to be very quiet so far this off-season with the exception of the bizzaro new owner.

    1. cow pasture alum

      To be more specific: Without a coach or GM, who will be managing draft picks and such?

  3. MarshallBR

    Just one thing, Jenna: Maurine got injured during Sudamericano (playing Argentina) and won’t play in Torneio Internacional: She was replaced by Joice. Too bad we won’t get a chance to watch her play.

  4. random

    I don’t know if this was touched upon here and I missed it, but another note about the brazilian team. Leah Fortune who withdrew from school (Texas) to play with Brazil’s WNT unfortunately tore her ACL in her first full WNT cap.


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