NCAA – 2014 AWK College Soccer Award Semi-Finalists

Finalists + fan vote on Monday:

Coach of The Year

Shawn Burke (Buffalo)
Erin Chastain (DePaul)
Amanda Cromwell (UCLA)
Mick D’Arcy (Central Connecticut State)
G. Guerrieri (Texas A&M)
Mark Krikorian (Florida State)
Tracey Leone (Northeastern)
Paul Ratcliffe (Stanford)
Eric Teepe (Fairleigh Dickinson)
Steve Swanson (Virginia)
Erica Walsh (Penn State)
Tim Ward (Pepperdine)

Rookie of the Year

Micaela Abam (West Virginia)
Megan Buckingham (North Carolina)
Jennifer Cafferky (Central Connecticut State)
Frannie Crouse (Penn State)
Laura Dougall (Buffalo)
Hailey Harbison (Pepperdine)
Mikaela Harvey (Texas A&M)
Hannah Lopiccolo (Northeastern)
Cassie Miller (Florida State)
Emily Ogle (Penn State)
Gabi Stoian (Arizona)
Andi Sullivan (Stanford)

Golden Glove

Paige Burnett (Northeastern)
Jane Campbell (Stanford)
Ashley Castanio (Stony Brook)
Sabrina D’Angelo (South Carolina)
Jordan Day (Texas A&M)
Bethany May-Howard (Rider)
Cassie Miller (Florida State)
Diana Poulin (Saint John’s (NY))
Genevieve Richard (Wisconsin)
Katelyn Rowland (UCLA)
Kailen Sheridan (Clemson)
Abby Smith (Texas)

Defender of the Year

Stephanie Amack (Stanford)
Kadeisha Buchanan (West Virginia)
Jennifer Cafferky (Central Connecticut State)
Bianca Calderone (Northeastern)
Whitney Church (Penn State)
Abby Dahlkemper (UCLA)
Arin Gilliland (Kentucky)
Kristin Grubka (Florida State)
Jaelene Hinkle (Texas Tech)
Amanda Nardella (Rhode Island)
Emily Sonnett (Virginia)
Meghan Streight (Texas A&M)

Midfielder of the Year

Morgan Andrews (Notre Dame)
Tara Ballay (Rider)
Morgan Brian (Virginia)
Dagny Brynjarsdottir (Florida State)
Danielle Colaprico (Virginia)
Daphne Corboz (Georgetown)
Amanda Goulet (Fairleigh Dickinson)
Shea Groom (Texas A&M)
Kelly Halligan (Central Connecticut State)
Sarah Killion (UCLA)
Rose Lavelle (Wisconsin)
Sam Mewis (UCLA)

Forward of the Year

Janine Beckie (Texas Tech)
Makenzy Doniak (Virginia)
Jannelle Flaws (Illinois)
Kelsey Haycook (La Salle)
Sofia Huerta (Santa Clara)
Rianna Jarrett (Tennessee-Martin)
Chanel Johnson (Hartford)
Savannah Jordan (Florida)
Rachel Tejada (Illinois State)
Chioma Ubogagu (Stanford)
Stephanie Verdoia (Seattle)
Cheyna Williams (Florida State)
Lynn Williams (Pepperdine)

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4 thoughts on “NCAA – 2014 AWK College Soccer Award Semi-Finalists

  1. AZ

    Haha how do you even try and pick one from that midfielder list? Talk about loaded. Morgan Brian is still my personal favorite though, she is a once in a lifetime player and a class above all others on her level imo. Not the biggest player or the fastest but it doesn’t matter, her vision and playmaking abilities are outstanding. Same thing almost with the candidates for Defender of the Year.
    Pulling for Sabrina D’Angelo for the Golden Glove. Being a goalie myself, I feel like the best individual performances come when you don’t have the defense or record of a team like UCLA – when your backline has some issues, of course that means more work for you. Rowland and Campbell are fine keepers, but D’Angelo has really earned it.

  2. Christine Brown

    Congratulations to Amanda Nardella for being such an awesome young women and athlete. Thank you for being an inspiration to all the young women athletes and scholars! YOU SO ROCK!!!#

  3. Mark Walters

    Amanda Nardella. You are making us proud. Keep working hard. Congratulations!!!


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