Do You Have The Pac-12 Networks And/Or The Longhorn Networks & A DVD Burner? (AKA A Very Special Request)

In my never ending quest to watch anything and everything I can get my hands on this season, I’ve got some request making to do before the season kicks off on Friday night. As one of the (many) unfortunate souls who don’t get either the Pac-12 Networks or the Longhorn Network, I’m going to be potentially missing out on a whole lot of college soccer.

If you, the loyal reader, gets either or both of these networks and can easily and efficiently burn DVD copies of games and can send them my way, I would be eternally grateful. And you would be compensated financially for the work at a rate that can be discussed. Given the volume of what’s going to be out there, I’m certainly not expecting every match televised to get to me, but there are certain games I definitely want to get my hands on.

If you’re interested and able, just leave me your e-mail address in a comment to this post, and I’ll be in touch. The comment won’t be published to the blog, so don’t worry about your address being leaked to spambots.

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